Greetings to fans (and potential fans) of Suda Masaki. On a whim, the admin decided to acquire the domain without knowing what to do with it. This is because our dearest Suda Masaki has so many existing and upcoming projects, and new updates that perplexes the poor admin. C.S. Lewis once wrote that “going back is the quickest way on” but that could only happen a year later. In the meantime, よろしくね!~⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝

10 thoughts on “Hello

  1. hey so much thanks to u for get some beautiful and effective website for suda masaki.I just found it And I have already like it.I will read every post carefully~
    ps: I am so surprised to see name of C.S Lewis. ^^

        1. Nope, my trip schedules have never been in sync with his stage greetings. How about you?

          I do have a copy of the flyer. Unfortunately no extras to share with his fans.

          1. Don’t think so. Will be missing his Apr movie by a few days too T_T

            Are you planning to watch it?

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