VS Arashi

It was the first time that Suda Masaki appeared as a guest on this variety show as ARASHI’s plus one. Komatsu Nana was the other plus one guest. Enjoy! Full (password: the url of the homepage. change to the usual […]

Tetsuko no Heya

Many studios are facing issues recording new footage due to COVID-19 so this variety show has decided to re-air key scenes of 3 artistes, Suda Masaki, Matsuzaka Tori and Satou Takeru, for this episode in its 45th anniversary series. It […]

TOKIO Kakeru

A cut scene about Suda Masaki using green tea to wash his hair…[spoilers ahead] so that an octopus can stay on his hair =D A director wanted such a scene but his hair was too slippery. [end of spoilers] (password: […]


Here is the unaired scene from the episode where Suda Masaki was the guest to promote 『Archimedes no Taisen』. Suda revealed that he was born at home and his father filmed the birthing process… (password: the url of the homepage. […]