『Aa, Kouya』 tweets about its premiere

あゝ荒野完成試写会。我らが座長の新次 菅田将暉さんと、宿命のライバル裕二 山田裕貴さんが来場。去年の夏、過酷な撮影を乗り切った二人と監督との再会に
スタッフ一同胸アツな一日でした。皆様に感謝を込めて。。#あゝ荒野 #菅田将暉 #山田裕貴

Aa Kouya Premiere. Our leader Shinji, Suda Masaki-san and, the destined rival Yuji, Yamada Yuki-san attended the event. Reuniting the director and the two persons who survived the harsh filming during summer last year, it was an exciting day for the staff as well. Thanks to everyone. #Aa Kouya #Suda Masaki #Yamada Yuki

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