『Kiseki』 tweets about Green Boys’ first live

興奮冷めやらぬGReeeeNさんライブでのオープニングアクト!終了後ショットをお届け!#グリーンボーイズ の皆様、本当にお疲れ様でした!#GReeeeN の皆様、ありがとうございました!! #キセキーあの日のソビトー

Exuberant opening act members for GReeeeN-san’s live! Here is a shot taken after the live! #Green Boys members, thank you for the hard work! #GReeeeN members, thank you very much!! #Kiseki -Ano Hi no Sobito-

[edit] Created too many posts today so I’ll share the dashing shot of them here instead. Congratulations to reaching 90,000 followers on 『Kiseki』’s official twitter! Let’s run towards 100,000 followers, and we can look forward to a little special something right?

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