Muro Tsuyoshi tweets about his entourage

先日、誕生日を祝ってくれた、ムロ組です、  左から、 浩文、ひで、むね、努、旬、将生、菅田、戸塚、勝地、柳楽、賢人、 phot by 斗真、 亮平は先に帰宅、この後には、MJも参加す、 主役にピントが、さ、 あってなくないか?撮影者よ

The Muro team celebrated my birthday the other day, from the left, Hirofumi, Hide, Mune, Tsutomu, Shun, Masaki, Suda, Totsuka, Katsuji, Yagira, Kento, phot by Toma, Ryohei left early, and afterwards, MJ joined, can’t the lead get a , little , focus? Hey the photographer

Credits: Mainly changed the translated style to depict how Muro Tsuyoshi tweeted e.g. “phot” instead of “photo”.

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