Oricon News Joshi+ Interview with Suda Masaki on 『Gintama』

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♦ 『Gintama』 was a fun production from the beginning to the end

— You have joined Fukuda Group in movies such as your lead role in 『Akegarasu』 and dramas such as 『Uchuu no Shigoto』, so how was it like returning this time?
Suda Masaki: I was able to enjoy myself from the beginning to the end during the filming with Fukuda Group this time. I think it was the first time I felt this way. Typically before I can enjoy filming, there are too many things that I need to crack my head on. However, I simply had a fun time filming this time.

— Why do you think so?
Suda: Well Shinpachi has traits that I possess so I could deliver the image of this character easily, and my co-stars who are also wonderful people were congregated for the filming so we had energy to enjoy ourselves. Plus I like Fukuda Group’s sense of humour, and the cast was specially selected to create interesting happenings, so isn’t it the most enjoyable filming experience possible (laughs).

— Because the cast had a fun time portraying their characters, is that why fans of the original work can enjoy such an interesting production from the bottom of their hearts?
Suda: I find that it became an extravagant movie like a dream comes true just by being comical and cool at the same time. There are many cool action scenes from Oguri Shun-san as Gin-san (Sakata Gintoki) as well as the other cast members. Because of these cool scenes, it has been my dream to act in scenes that kid around as well. Don’t think there is another entertaining production that provides so much fun.

— You have acted with Oguri san in 『Juui Dolittle』 and 『Rich Man, Poor Woman』 dramas, so how was it like acting together again after all this time?
Suda: He has been active since I was still a student, he is someone who always feels bitter despite hearing others comment that 「I watched a movie with OO recently, and OO’s acting was amazing」. Regardless of how much he had built upon his career, he constantly appreciates good things and repents, I get inspired seeing Oguri-san’s attitude to strive for the better.

♦ I hope to produce works that I am confident to show my children

— As you continue to act, what sort of things are you more aware of while working recently?
Suda: As an actor whose works will continue to exist in productions, I’m always battling against thoughts of 「not wanting to make embarrassing works, not wanting to show my unimpressive side」. Isn’t it saddening if I don’t want to show my children when they ask me in the future 「what kind of work has Daddy done?」. Having a personal stake in this, I would like to create works that I can confidently show to my children as 「interesting」 「enjoyable」 productions.

— What is the main motivation for you now?
Suda: In terms of genre* it’s manga, comedy and music.

*Genre is used quite loosely here.

— Speaking of which (music), you have released the single 『Mita Koto mo Nai Keishiki』 on 7 June, and it seems like you often play the guitar in private as well. To Suda-san, is guitar an item which allows you to return to your true self?
Suda: It does not have such a meaningful existence (laughs). I started playing the guitar when I portrayed Sada Masashi-san in a drama. Then, I wanted to go karaoke one day, but I didn’t have the courage to sing alone at the karaoke place, so I thought if I could play the guitar, I could sing as much as I want at home. There are times when I play the guitar while drinking alcohol with my friends, and we have a great time together (laughs).

— How do you find time with such a hectic schedule?
Suda: If I sacrifice my personal time because of being too busy at work…, I think I will break down. Like a seesaw, if one end goes too far down leading to the other end being too high up, the balance will worsen. There are many interesting things out there other than work, and you will realise that they are all connected after trying them out. You can naturally find time somehow.

— It looks like you will continue to challenge more and more things from now, is there a great dream that you want to fulfill before dying?
Suda: I would like to go to the moon!

— The moon!!
Suda: I said something ambitious since I was asked to share a great dream (laughs). But I dislike staying still for long hours… (laughs). I feel happy to be able to see the moon upon opening the door.

— So it will be good if you can warp to space just like Director Fukuda’s Amazon Prime drama 『Uchuu no Shigoto』 which Suda-san appears in right (laughs).
Suda: That will be good! Who knows it may come true in the future (laughs)!?

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