『Teiichi no Kuni』’s Tweet on Suda and Jump Festa

ジャンプフェスタ『帝一の國』ステージでは、皆様ありがとうございました!写真は、ステージ裏での古屋先生と菅田さん。トーク、大変盛り上がりました! #ジャンフェス #帝一の國 #菅田将暉 #古屋兎丸

Thank you very much to everyone who were at Jump Festa 『Teiichi no Kuni』stage! The photo is of Furuya-sensei and Suda-san at the backstage. It was an exhilarating talk! #Jumpfes #Teiichi no Kuni #Suda Masaki #Furuya Usamaru

I guess my cold was a blessing in disguise? Supposed to be hiking today but had to stay home to recuperate…or more like consistently translate/update his stuff. Just how many photos did they take while waiting at the backstage?!

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