Tweet Posted on 11 Jul 2017 3:36am

ムロツヨシ様!ANNにお越し頂きありがとうございました!!おかげさまで楽しい回になりました!!是非!またお越しください!!長澤まさみ様、好きなフルーツをお教え頂きありがとうございました!!リスナー一同感謝しております!!山田孝之様!もう来ないで下さい!! #菅田将暉ANN

Muro Tsuyoshi-sama! Thank you for appearing on ANN!! It was an enjoyable session thanks to you!! Please! Come again!! Nagasawa Masami-sama, thank you for letting me know your favourite fruit!! The listeners also appreciate it!! Yamada Takayuki-sama! Please do not come again!! #Suda Masaki ANN

Pretty certain that they went out for drinks after the radio show =D

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