Tweet Posted on 16 Nov 2016 2:51pm

今夜幸人の生い立ちに迫る地味にスゴイ!第7話!宜しくお願いします! #この指数えシリーズを経てマネージャーさんの写真技術が確実に上がっている

Tonight, we are approaching the truth behind Yukito’s life in Jimi ni Sugoi! 7th episode! Please look forward to it! #this finger-counting series has indeed improved my manager’s phototaking skill


[edit] And 3 stills from tonight’s episode.


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  1. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the translations. I’ve been a fan of Masaki Suda for awhile now and I haven’t found any good fan blogs until now. Please keep up the great work. I want to get to know Masaki Suda as a fan and its hard when there arent many English based fan blogs anyway. Thank you!

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