Tweet Posted on 21 Mar 2017 6:34pm


Shibuya. Mita Koto mo Nai Keishiki*.

*Translator’s note: It actually means ‘a sight that I’ve never seen before’. I chose to use the romaji as it was his au by KDDI song as well as the title song for his upcoming debut solo CD. By the way, his earlier tweet on ‘a certain place’ is none other than Shibuya.

4 thoughts on “Tweet Posted on 21 Mar 2017 6:34pm

  1. I’m super excited for more of his music!! ? I’m so glad he’s pursuing it, and super happy he gets to venture out on another adventure in his career ?

  2. ‘Debut’ solo song? Is this the start of his music career? Does that mean there will be another songs in the future….? :)) I’m so excited and happy for him! ^^

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