Tweet Posted on 3 Feb 2017 9:33pm

鬼ちゃん豆まきナイト終わりました〜!いや〜皆様元気で楽しかったです〜。やっぱりみんなで一緒に何かやるのって良いですね。やってみよう!ありがとうございました! #WANIMAさん #いつもお世話になっているキュートなヘアメイクAZUMAさん #鬼ちゃんの角

Oni-chan Mamemaki Night* has ended~! Yea~ Everyone was energetic and had fun~. It’s indeed good to be able to do something with everyone. Let’s do it! Thank you very much! #WANIMA-san #Cute hair stylist AZUMA-san who always takes care of me #Demon-chan’s horns

*Translator’s note: Literally translated as Demon-chan Beans Night. It is a ritual unique to the Japanese where in the past, demons are chased away by hurling mamemaki/beans at them.

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