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I am appearing on 「Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari」 (「Tales of the Unusual」). The title is 『Chameleon Actor』. Seeking to express oneself, or seeking one’s happiness. It is a timeless theme in creating productions. Even a straw can become a support*, if there is such a thing. However there is no such thing. Because there is none it is more interesting. An entertaining production. Please watch it. It’s not scary.

*Translator’s note: A better translation may be to use the following idiom “a drowning man will clutch at a straw”.

Phew, I needed the reassurance. Couldn’t bring myself to watch it if it is scary.

8 thoughts on “Tweet Posted on 30 Mar 2017 10:33am

  1. I’m excited for this! I think Suda really is a chameleon actor because he always accept roles with different personalities! 😀 sometimes I wonder which roles has the personality similar to the real him haha

    Btw I’m waiting his movie ‘Aa koya’ i really want to see him do boxing 😀

    1. Me too =) Perhaps he has a bit of every character in him?

      So far Aa Koya hasn’t started promoting actively. Can’t wait to see the visuals!

  2. Yup! Excited to see the visuals 🙂

    Btw which of his roles is your favorite? 🙂 I love his acting in Tamiou and Love Song. And in Pink and Gray where he portrayed 2 personalities, it wowed me! ^^

    1. Tough choice… I like his role in Tamiou too! It was an enjoyable story. Probably his roles in The Backwater and Princess Jellyfish as well. Amazing how he can be manly and still remain natural in dresses haha.

      What got you interested in Suda? For me it was The Boy Inside which I wanted to watch for his senpai =D

  3. (This will be quite long sorry^^~) I wanted to know Suda because I read princess jellyfish manga back then 😀 I thought the cast for kuranosuke should’ve been prettier & a bit disappointed to see that it was suda but I tried to watch it and I was amazed by suda’s performance there! ^^ He can be handsome and pretty as well. After that i tried to watch tamiou, etc and I realized he took many different kind of roles and his acting is great 😀

    Yup I also watched the backwater 🙂 the movie has great cinematography i like it
    Sadly I haven’t watch the boy inside, but i’ll watch it 😀

    Have you read the news that suda is dating tsubasa honda? Wonder if it’s true lol because the news was out in april fool’s day ^^”

    1. You should! It was then when I decided to watch all his shows =D

      Yup. I wasn’t sure if I should post about it here cos it was published on April’s Fool day. And neither they nor their companies affirm the news haha.

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