Tweet Posted on 3 Dec 2016 6:30pm

幸人終了。こんなにも、演じていて浄化され、かっこいい台詞を言わせてもらい、好きな服を着て、好きなテンポで画面の中で遊び、はしゃぎ過ぎて汗をかいた現場はありません。ありがとうございました!来週の最終回是非お楽しみに。 #地味にスゴイ

Last of Yukito. So, I was sanctified by the acting process,  I was able to recite cool lines, wear my favourite clothes, play around with the scenes at a comfortable tempo, and it was not the type of filming that I had to move around or perspire a lot. Thank you very much! Please look forward to the final episode next week.  #Jimi ni Sugoi


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