First 『Aa, Kouya』 Poster

Finally, the first poster for 『Aa, Kouya』 is revealed on both the [official website] and [twitter]! In addition, we now know that there are 2 parts to the movies releasing on 7 Oct and 21 Oct 2017 respectively!

-coughs- Can I subtly mention that part 2 is released on the same day as 『Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan』? Seeing Suda Masaki and Yamazaki Kento on the same day is a dream <3 …or perhaps a nightmare when getting the tickets…

The official website has also renewed itself with a red loading page.

The official twitter, a new banner.

4 thoughts on “First 『Aa, Kouya』 Poster

  1. Wow you sure update a lot, Thank you!! ^^
    By the way I’m really excited to see this, finally a visual for Aa Koya
    Seems Suda has another bad boy vibes in this movie 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the trailer ~^^

    1. That’s because I didn’t update for days =D Decided to catch up at one go…sorry for bombarding you guys with so many updates today!
      I haven’t read up on the synopsis but it sure feels so. Can’t wait to see the trailer too!

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