Anta no Yume o Kanaetaro Ka Special

It is a variety show where you can submit your wishes, and have your dreams come true.

A high school girl wanted to have a normal school life with Suda Masaki via 4 scenarios: (i) having good-looking Suda arriving as a transfer student; (ii) Suda wanting to have a taste of her lunch at the rooftop (By the way, she made the lunch herself, and Onichan from the au by KDDI commercials was one of the characters. He liked the tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) as it was towards the sweet side, similar to the Kansai style); (iii) having her as the manager of the club that Suda was in; and (iv) confessing to Suda after the graduation ceremony. I couldn’t find a better quality so please bear with the last reenactment being reduced to a smaller screen.

あんたの夢をかなえたろか Special – Suda Masaki Cut
(password hint: the url of the homepage)

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  1. I’m binge-watching suda’s movies and dramas and spent the whole day fangirling over him lol and, luckily , I found THIS! omg thank you so much for always sharing sudacchi’s update I really appreciate it <3 you're sharing happiness <3

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