Details for Green Boys’ Debut Single

Green Boys’ self-titled debut single will be released on 24 Jan 2017, and it is ready for preorder.

There are 5 versions available on HMV:

[HMV Limited Edition (CD+DVD+3-clearfile set)]
[HMV Regular First Press Edition (CD+3-clearfile set)]
[HMV 3-clearfile set]
[Limited Edition (CD+DVD)]
[Regular Edition (CD)]

The CD and DVD contents are the same for all versions. No image of the covers and clearfiles yet.

1. 声 (Koe) / Voice
2. 道 (Michi) / Road (or can be interpreted as Journey)
3. キセキ (Kiseki) / Miracle

1. 声 Music Video / Voice Music Video

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