Green Boys’ Self-titled Single – Content (Limited Version)

Decryption Key: !Rvs8rJgMNmuoAdlTF0NaoYZvMp5SdHvV7T5ZNlikzOw
(Suda Masaki’s birthday + 「Green Boys」’s release date = password (format: yyyymmdd))

Decryption Key: !Tl8M4DbEB76lw0RTJPK0t6YWsLyUlrE5eD2pQTuq5U4
(Suda Masaki’s birthday + 「Green Boys」’s release date + 24 = password (format: yyyymmdd))

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3 thoughts on “Green Boys’ Self-titled Single – Content (Limited Version)

  1. Hi, thank you for uploading this. However, I couldn’t get the password right. Do you mind to email me the password of both files? Thanks lots.
    Also, just wondering if u have watched the movie?
    Where can I watch it with english subtitles?
    I’ve recently just gotten hooked to Suda Masaki’s acting and have been binge watching his dramas and movies. When I stumbled upon the trailer if Kiseki trailer, I really wanted to watch it.

    1. Please try adding the numbers, e.g. 11111111 + 22222222 = 33333333, to get the passwords =)

      Kiseki movie is not released on Blu-ray/DVD yet so it is not available online yet. It will be released on 4 July 2017 (without subtitles). Not sure who is planning to sub it. Hope to watch it soon too!

      1. Ooohh, you add them up. I thought it’s a long password for both dates. Got them right immediately.
        Thanks again!

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