Jimi ni Sugoi! OST

It was released 6 months ago so it should be safe to share now =D Nonetheless, please support the sales if you can!

Jimi ni Sugoi! OST
Decryption Key: !Mb758fS8RemGGhzBRbZtGI0VodvPQ6jkuu70FnOu6EE
(password: sum of his birthday & 「Jimi ni Sugoi!」 OST’s release date (format: yyyymmdd))

10 thoughts on “Jimi ni Sugoi! OST

  1. hi i am unable to figure out the password using he hints above, can someone provide me with one or just some more concrete hints like the format of the password

    1. The password comprises numbers only. Please sum the date of his birthday and the release date of the ost (which is also stated in the filename) to derive it. The dates are in the format, yyyymmdd, e.g. 20190630.

        1. Please mathematically add his birthday to the release date (which is also the filename) to derive the 8-digit password. You can also consider using 7-zip to unlock the file ^^

  2. Hi ! At first, thanks for upload.
    This is the first hint right ?
    And, I search the album released date.
    I found 20161123 this number, but I can’t pass the key. Am I wrong ?

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