『Jimi ni Sugoi!』 Special VTR at Best Artist 2016

As mentioned in a [previous post], the origin of the photo would be explained in the cast’s special VTR for Best Artist. We see Tako looking for Etsuko for, once again, proposing ridiculous amendments to a manuscript. She wasn’t at her desk, and her colleagues didn’t know that she was missing. They guessed that she was likely with her fawning adoration, Korenaga Koriyuki/Orihara Yukito, but he walked in right at that moment. He had no clue where she was as well. Then they noticed a manuscript on her desk, leading them to exclaim that she had gone out for reality checks. By the way, I didn’t include the part where she appeared live on Best Artist in the cut below.

『Jimi ni Sugoi!』 Special VTR (password hint: the url of the homepage)

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