『Kiseki: Sobito Of That Day』 New Poster & Video

The second promotional poster, as well as a 90-minute trailer, were released yesterday.

「Kiseki」 depicts the true story of how GreeeeN, a 4-member Japanese band, miraculously debut and continue their musical ventures without showing their faces in public and at the same time, maintain their professional careers as dentists. Jin (Matsuzaka Tori), a struggling musician, becomes the producer for GreeeeN while Hide (Suda Masaki), an aspiring dentist and younger brother of Jin, is the lead member of the band.

2nd Promotional Poster

90-minute Trailer

Links (to earlier promotional videos)
Special Video 「Michi」 (Long Version)
Special Video 「Michi」 (Short Version)
Special Report
Super Special Report

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