『Kiseki: Ano Hi no Sobito』 Special Premiere Stage Greeting

Looks like there are no official videos available online so I will share the full LINELIVE video later.

Matsuzaka Tori wrote “拓” as he was able to challenge various things this year, which enabled him to uncover a new path. Suda Masaki wrote “出” which had different interpretations such as meeting people with diverse personalities, producing varied works, etc. for the year. When Matsuzaka started coughing madly near the end of the cut, Suda went “Hospital? Hospital? Should I call an ambulance?” =D

Both Matsuzaka’s “Taku” and Suda’s “Deru” are on display at the Umeda Burg 7 where the special premiere was held. A signed poster is also on display there. There was a signed T-shirt during the stage greeting which was given to a lucky audience.

By the way, there are also ongoing campaigns that offer autographed items to those living in Japan if you fulfill their criteria and are chosen.

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