LOVE LOVE Aishiteru! 16nen Buri no Fukkatsu Special

  • Watch Shinohara Tomoe harass Suda Masaki in his waiting room for over 3 minutes =D Can’t believe that she is 38 years old!
  • Suda didn’t watch this variety show in the past as it was broadcast after midnight and he was only 8 years old then.

  • Doll Suda was made by the same artist who made the dolls for this variety show since the beginning. He got to keep it! Doumoto Tsuyoshi commented that if it was up for sale online, it will be selling like hotcakes, starting from a 300,000yen bid.

  • KinKi Kids teased Suda for having a name close to Sada Masashi (a veteran artiste), and Yoshida Takuro voiced that he wouldn’t be present if the latter was here instead. Suda continued that he actually portrayed as Sada in 『Chanpon Tabetaka』. He looked over cautiously at Yoshida…an awkward silence followed by hearty laughter.

  • The theme was Suda’s things of love. He showed a photo of him sewing. Suda brought up Oguri Shun’s request to make a one-piece (a dress in this case) for his daughter, which he did. How he got into making western clothing (other than his initial love for such style) was that a random guy approached him in an izakaya (Japanese-styled bar) and asked if Suda wanted to join him to make them. Suda was also learning how to make them when filming 『Kuragehime』 with Shinohara Tomoe (known for her flamboyant fashion sense and the same girl who was harrassing Suda).

  • The next photo was Suda’s father and his guitar. It was the first time Suda saw it too. The point was that his father loved to play guitar and sing Yoshida’s songs so Suda had been hearing them since young. His father’s only request to Suda for entering showbiz was to let him meet Yoshida. When Doumoto Koichi asked for his father’s age, Suda was like …, faced the audience and said, “How old are you Dad?”. Everyone was shocked when a male voice replied, “57”. Yes, it was Suda’s biological father!

  • When discussing about memorable Yoshida’s songs, Suda mentioned that he was dumped before =D

Suda Masaki Cut
Decryption Key: !wq0EW5DOKwxAQlhG2ngUNnhk6PaPVK7lvJFStgPhhNQ
(password: his birthday + date that this episode was aired)

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