Suda Masaki talked about Yamazaki Kento…

…wearing his clothes in the past again =D When the host asked whether Suda Masaki had given clothes to any actors, the first and only name that was mentioned was Yamazaki Kento.

“That guy wore his own clothes to my place, took them all off, put on my clothes, and left.”

“And it was like, why do I have to wash the clothes you left behind.”

By the way, you can skip to the 4-minute mark if you are only interested in the above =D

Maruko Popori! – Suda Masaki Cut
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2 thoughts on “Suda Masaki talked about Yamazaki Kento…

  1. aah i found the picture somewhere,
    both clothes that they wore,
    if you dont mind could you please update too ?

    1. Not sure which clothes Suda was referring to in this talk. I think they were caught with the same outfits a few times but those could be sponsored.

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