Morinaga 『DARS』 CM


2 versions of the commercials for Morinaga 『DARS』 (milk, dark and white chocolate bars) were released today. A making was also released, and I will embed the videos in this post when I can access a desktop/laptop.


It’s DARS Day Everyday (15s)

It’s DARS Day (15s)

Making…that is short of Suda Masaki (17s)

Will summarise the storyline and reports later.

[edit] Updated the 3 official videos. Finally. Your poor admin has fallen ill for the past week, and shall endeavour to translate the gist of the storyline and reports instead. So 12 Dec is not only Kanji Day, Mentaiko Day and Battery Day, it is also DARS day! ♪HAPPY DARS DAY TO YOU~ Yes, Suda was the one singing to that tune <3 And why was Suda selected? Because Suda is the phonetic palindrome of DARS! Well, in a Japanese way (Su-da <-> Daa-Su). I had the storyboards for both commercials which my brain failed to recall at the moment. Will add to this post when my memory returns.

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