Oricon’s BREAK Actors Ranking

Oricon has published its ranking of actors who made a breakthrough in 2016. Voted by 1,000, it is none other than Suda Masaki topping the list with 9 movies, 1 drama and other noteworthy endorsements on his belt. Next is Yamazaki Kento who is known for playing ouji-sama characters and shares the same name as Suda’s younger brother. The rest of the ranking are as follows:

3. Sakaguchi Kentaro
4. Nomura Shuhei
5. Yamazaki Ikusaburo
6. Katou Ryou
7. Iwata Takanori (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE)
8. Takeuchi Ryoma
9. Chiba Yudai
10. Katagiri Jin

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