The bromance never dies. “Yamazaki Kento >>> Suda Masaki!”

Suda Masaki made a guest appearance on the last episode of 『Super Salaryman Saenai-shi』, and surprisingly, so did Yamazaki Kento…in his own right =D ミィ has subbed the essential lines (reposted below!), and I will share the full cut without subs later.

OMG this is hilarious! I just did a quick sub of the few important lines LOL

Director Fukuda is really awesome!!! This is the second time “Yamazaki Kento” was mentioned in this drama. The first time was in Episode 5. What made it sweeter this time was Suda Masaki’s appearance. As a fan of the SUDAKEN combi, this really made my day! XD

By the way, Director Fukuda Yuichi is also the director for the upcoming 『Gintama』 and 『Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan』 movies. Anticipating more fun and laughter ahead!

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