Limited Suda Masaki Special at Yoshinoya

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Available from 28 Apr to 7 May

Suda Masaki Special is a combination of Yoshinoya’s beef rice bowl with kimchi, scallions and eggs.

His comment:



「Wow, it is going to be named as Suda Special!」

It is often said that it will become 『Suda Special』 someday. It is a little interesting initially. Afterall I wilfully added kimchi to a large bowl of beef rice with scallions and eggs and tweeted about eating it, various people mimicked it in the end. Then, when I attended the filming of Yoshinoya, it was said that 「Suda Special was prepared for all the staff!」, at that time I thought that 「Wow, it is going to be named as Suda Special!」, though it is improbable, it works when you request「Suda Special please」 at the stores. It seems like the receipt also reflects Suda Special on it. I find it a little baffling.

Fans can also expect a new commercial of Suda Special soon!

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