『Teiichi』 Cast on Kisumai Busaiku Part 2

Aired on 24 Apr 2017. After ranking last and 5th positions, did Suda Masaki improve this round? Let’s find out!

Kisumai Busaiku Part 2
Decryption Key: !os_nqqC7QecLTd7iTyJYrBbXPtOXSXT_cKl3ep2BJ-o
(password: his birthday + 「Teiichi no Kuni」’s release date (format: yyyymmdd))

3 thoughts on “『Teiichi』 Cast on Kisumai Busaiku Part 2

  1. For the password, do we have to add the ‘+’ sign or put all the numbers together or there’s space in between the set of numbers? I’ve tried everything and it seems impossible. Could you help thank you in advance! I’m always so thankful for all you’ve done for this website and updates!! 🙂

    1. Please sum the 2 sets of numbers, e.g. 11111111 + 22222222 = 33333333. The final result is a 8-digit password =)

      You are welcome! Glad that fans have found this website =)

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