『Teiichi no Kuni』 Special Collaborations Part 3

『Teiichi』 x GreenHyp x Tower Records Japan (25 Apr – 7 May)

Website | Twitter 1 | Twitter 2

1. Take a photo of the campaign poster at Tower Records stores
2. Tweet the photo and hastag #Teiichi to Creep to Tawareko (short form of Tower Records)
3. Be patient and you may be selected for one of the following:

A Prize Film「Teiichi no Kuni」 x GreenHyp x Tower Records Japan’s triple collaboration campaign poster x 5 winners
B Prize Film「Teiichi no Kuni」promotional press sheet x 20 winners

By the way, CreepHyp’s new single “ITO” releasing on 26 Apr is the theme song for 『Teiichi no Kuni』.


『Teiichi』 x LINE (25 Apr – )


Indirectly related to the live action, you can now purchase the manga version of the LINE stickers for 100 LINE coins (or 240yen to purchase 100 LINE coins).


『Teiichi』 x New Balance (14 Apr – 14 May)

Website | Twitter

Spend above 5,000yen on New Balance items and receive a complimentary notebook. For those who are interested, the actual notebook looks like [this].

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