『Teiichi no Kuni』 Special Collaborations Part 1

Although ジェ has re-tweeted the special collaborations with 『Teiichi no Kuni』, it is time for a consolidated post due to the sheer number of campaigns. Do let me know if I miss any out!

『Teiichi』 x Fanta

Website | Twitter

Commercial (15s)


The character bottles for Suda Masaki were:

Nomura Shuhei -> #Fashionable Leader
Takeuchi Ryoma -> #Fashion Star of a Different Dimension
Mamiya Shotaro -> #Living Life to the Max Model

Poor Takeuchi, all of them selected the same tagline for him~


『Teiichi』 x Furuya Usamaru-sensei


If you purchase Furuya Usamaru-sensei’s other works, i.e. Litchi☆Hikari Club and Bokura no Hikari Club, you may receive a limited edition of the illustration paper as shown above.


『Teiichi』 x Yoshinoya (22 Apr to 7 May)

Website | Twitter

1. Take a photo of the campaign poster in Japan
2. Follow Yoshinoya’s official twitter account
3. Tweet the photo and hashtag #Teiichi no Don
4. Be patient and you may be selected for one of the gifts below:

Let us know your thoughts!