『Teiichi no Kuni ~Cafe at the Student Street~』

A 5-episode of 『Teiichi no Kuni』 spin-off will air at the following timings:

Episode 1「Kikuma’s Honey Trap Strategy」
24 Apr (Mon) 24:40 – 24:55

Episode 2「Himuro’s Koma Theatre」
25 Apr (Tue) 24:25 – 24:40

Episode 3「Koumei’s Great Discovery」
26 Apr (Wed) 24:25 – 24:40

Episode 4「Morizono’s Summer Camp Prophesy」
27 Apr (Thu) 24:25 – 24:40

Episode 5「Teiichi vs. Dan Decisive Battle!」
28 Apr (Fri) 24:55 – 25:10

Other cast members include:
 Miyano Hina as Seiko
 Yasui Junpei as Cafe Master

The episodes can be purchased online [here]. Blu-ray and DVD are available for rental from 17 May 2017, and for sales on 21 Jun 2017 which include a discussion between cast members (to be confirmed).

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