『Teiichi no Kuni』 90s Trailer

It is no longer just Suda Masaki fighting his way through extras to become the prime minister. After the release of the [second poster] and solo posters of the remaining 5 key cast members, here comes the long-awaited trailer of his friends and nemesis (and his father)! We can already expect ridiculously hilarious scenes.

A complimentary set of 6 solo cards is given to the first 20,000 who purchase the advance tickets. Watch the boys promote their characters!

As mentioned in [my tweet], the boys were happily posing in front of their solo posters. Well they were singing the theme song of 『Frozen』 (Japanese version of course). We can’t hear their voices as it was for a variety show aired yesterday, but we can see them mouthing the lyrics =D Before singing, Suda asked the staff about the sort of atmosphere to create while singing Let It Go, and the staff responded with energetic, and the first try would be the actual take.

Let us know your thoughts!