Za! Sekai Gyoten News

Suda Masaki and Takeuchi Ryoma were guests on Za! Sekai Gyoten News to promote 『Teiichi no Kuni』. Most of the time, they were watching videos of miraculous feats, and here is a summary of the talk segments.

  • When talking about age, Nakai Masahiro could be both of their fathers.
  • When Suda was filming at a shopping arcade, he knocked into the door and fell off the stairs in front of everyone. He had no idea why and he wanted to be cool about it.
  • In high school when Suda wanted to attempt a clapping push up for his club activities, he broke his front tooth.
  • A photo of kid Suda and his two younger brothers were shown.
  • Nakai asked when Suda felt that he was the most popular, he replied, “Always”. Nakai went like, “Damn it~”.
  • Suda’s parents met Shoufukutei Tsurube coincidentally at an udon shop and greeted him. Suda’s father now thinks that they are friends.
  • When promoting 『Teiichi no Kuni』, Nakai asked if the movie was interesting. Suda responded factually that it was. Nakai continued if it was interesting only because Suda appeared in the movie but Suda refuted quickly that it was really interesting.
  • Nakai then asked what Suda would do in situations that he himself found that his movies weren’t interesting. Suda answered that he would keep quiet.

By the way, I wanted to cut out all the advertisements but missed one at the end.

Za! Sekai Gyoten News
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