Tweet Posted on 16 Jul 2018 6:54pm

映画「アルキメデスの大戦」櫂 直役で出演します。絶賛撮影中です。数学から紐解く戦艦大和に驚愕する毎日です。是非お楽しみに。 I will be playing Kai Tadashi in 「Archimedes no Taisen」. In the midst of filming. I am amazed everyday by how mathematics is used to interpret Yamato battleships. Please look forward to it.

Tweet Posted on 3 Jul 2018 11:15am

さだまさしさん!!突然の訪問!!ありがとうございました!!!リスナーの失礼な発言すいませんでした!!〜生まれ変わることは出来なくても生き直すことはできる〜 #名言 #菅田将暉ANN Sada Masashi-san!! Unexpected visit!! Thank you!!! Sorry to the listeners if I was impolite!! ~You can’t change how you were born but you can still live your life~ #Words of wisdom #Suda Masaki ANN

Tweet Posted on 15 Jun 2018 4:36pm

瞬間的には希望を持つ事はよくあります。でもすぐに打ちのめされたり諦めざるを得ない状況に陥ったり。そんな中どうか、末永い希望を。 ロングホープ・フィリア。宜しくお願いします。 To harbour hope momentarily is prevalent. However one can fall into inevitable situations in the next minute where there is no choice but to give up. Despite the circumstances, I wish for lasting hope. Long Hope・Philia. Please support […]

Nep League

Suda Masaki, Tsuchiya Tao and Yamada Yuki were the guests on Nep League on 30 Apr 2018 to promote 『Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun』. Apparently it was Suda’s and Tsuchiya’s first appearance on this game. So why did Suda cry? We wanted to […]