Suda Masaki is back for another recap in this variety show aired in mid May 2020. Sorry, we couldn’t find better quality for this. Enjoy! (password hint: the url of the homepage. change to the usual extension after unzipping.)

Tweet Posted on 7 Aug 2020 5:05pm

そして、今夜22時ドラマ「MIU404」 出演します。謎の男、宜しくお願いします。 #MIU404 #綾野剛 #井口理 And, 「MIU404」 drama at 10pm tonight I will appear (on it). Mysterious man, please support it. #MIU404 #AyanoGo #IguchiSatoru Translator’s note: We will be translating his past tweets in the coming weeks!

Tweet Posted on 7 Aug 2020 1:18pm

本日。OKAMOTO’Sさんとのコラボ楽曲「Keep On Running」MV解禁&配信スタートです!宜しくお願いします! #きぽらに #OKAMOTOS ▼MV ▼配信 Today. It is the release of the collaboration song and music video 「Keep On Running」 with OKAMOTO’S! Please support it! #Kiporani* #OKAMOTOS *Translator’s note: Hiragana version of Keep On Running.

Tweet Posted on 6 Aug 2020 2:58pm

コンビニで買ったレモンライスのキーマカレーおにぎりめっちゃ美味しい!今度カレー作る時レモンぶっかけてみよう The lemon rice and keema curry onigiri which I bought from a convenience store was very delicious! I’m going to make curry with lemon next time Translator’s note: Suda should be referring to this product.