Downtown DX

Director Itao Itsuji appeared on Downtown DX a month ago to promote 『Hibana』. However, there was a video message from Suda Masaki and Kiritani Kenta, as well as behind the scenes from filming 『Hibana』. Cut (password hint: the url of the homepage)

『Hibana』 tweets about Suda Masaki & Kiritani Kenta’s appearance on Shabekuri 007

本日10月30日(月)22:00から、日本テレビ「しゃべくり007」に菅田将暉さん、桐谷健太さんが登場します📺🕺🕺✨ ある疑惑がかけられ、徹底検証される菅田さん…🧐❓ お楽しみに💕 #菅田将暉 #桐谷健太 #しゃべくり007 #映画火花 Today 30 October (Monday) from 10pm, Suda Masaki-san, Kiritani Kenta-san appear on 「Shabekuri 007」 📺🕺🕺✨ An allegation is made, Suda-san subject to thorough investigation…🧐❓ Look forward to it 💕 #Suda Masaki #Kiritani Kenta […]