Downtown DX

Director Itao Itsuji appeared on Downtown DX a month ago to promote 『Hibana』. However, there was a video message from Suda Masaki and Kiritani Kenta, as well as behind the scenes from filming 『Hibana』. Cut (password hint: the url of the homepage)

『Hibana』 on the back

先ほどANNで話題にのぼった ブルゾンちえみさん直筆の【火花】 体を張った番宣となりました(笑) ちゃんと落ちてますので ご心配なく。 It was a hot topic during ANN earlier Blouson Chemi-san’s handwritten 【Hibana】 Placed on the body for promotional purposes (laughs) It could be wiped away So no worries.