We now understand why he lost so much weight. We felt exhausted after watching his portrayal which required so much energy and negativity. (password: the url of the homepage. change to the usual extension after unzipping.)

News Zero

This episode features Suda Masaki preparing for and performing Caligula, and how he nearly shaved off all his eyebrows to better portray the character’s image. The small window at the top right corner showed 『Archimedes no Taisen』’s Director Yamazaki Takashi […]

Tweet Posted on 24 Nov 2019 8:37pm

舞台「カリギュラ」ひとまず東京千秋楽ありがとうございました。これから地方公演。まだまだあります。カンパニー一同誠実に向き合っていきます。どうぞ宜しくお願いします。 Thank you for the conclusion of 「Caligula」 Tokyo shows. Next are the regional shows. Many more shows to go. Will continue to perform sincerely with the company. Please support us .