Fukuda Yuichi tweets about a ‘chance’ encounter

昨日、とある映画の撮影で菅田くんとご一緒しました!彼のクリームソーダの携帯ケースがかなりボロボロになってるのを知ってたので、新しく出たエナメルバージョンをプレゼントしました!😁💕お返しに菅田仕様のギターピックをもらったよと👍🏻そして撮影終わりのドリンクもクリームソーダ🤣可愛い😍 Yesterday, I was with Suda-kun because we were filming a certain movie! I knew that his cream soda mobile phone case was rather worn, so I gave him a new enamel version as a present! 😁💕 I received Suda’s customised […]


Other versions have been circulating for weeks but no one has translated it. Will update if we chance upon any English subtitles. [edit] [With English subtitles] [/edit] With Japanese subtitles (password hint: the url of the homepage) Support the sales […]

Matsumoto Shinobu blogs about the same three-shot at Hochi Film Awards

主演男優賞の菅田将暉さんを囲んで、選考委員のLILICOさんと。 菅田さんは、 「あゝ、荒野」「キセキ―あの日のソビト―」「帝一の國」「火花」 と変幻自在に4作品での受賞。 他に大河ドラマに主演舞台に、 2017年はまさに「菅田将暉の年」でしたね。 忙しすぎて体が心配だったけど、 人間ドックの結果も「超健康だった」そうで。 24歳の今後が、益々楽しみです。 (only the portion on Suda Masaki) ↑↑↑ Selection committee members, LILICO and I, surrounded Suda Masaki-san who received the Best Actor award. Protean Suda-san was awarded for his versatility in 4 […]