Here is the unaired scene from the episode where Suda Masaki was the guest to promote 『Archimedes no Taisen』. Suda revealed that he was born at home and his father filmed the birthing process… (password: the url of the homepage. […]

Tweet Posted on 5 Aug 2019 4:22pm

映画「アルキメデスの大戦」。夏休みの自由研究とかにもいいんじゃないかなぁ(独り言)。大和について、戦争について、日本について、どんな形であれ皆様の手で測ってやって下さい。宜しくお願いします。ありがとうございました! 「Archimedes no Taisen」 movie. Isn’t it also good to treat it like an independent study for the summer holidays (rhetorical question). About Yamato, about war, about Japan, please measure them with your own hands. We look forward to your […]