『Archimedes no Taisen』 Promotions (2nd half of Jul 2019)

As the earlier post was getting too long, we have decided to split them into 2 posts. The earlier post is more or less completed so please check this page periodically for updates instead.

[0717] Mezamashi – Suda x Ishizaki Huwie Talk

(password: the url of the homepage. change to the usual extension after unzipping.)

[0717] Waratte Koraete!

[0718] Mezamashi + Zip – Kure City Event (where Yamato battleships were first built)

[0718] Sakurai・Ariyoshi THE Yakai

[0719] TOKYO hi-IMAGINE – 『Archimedes no Taisen』 Cut

[0720] zero & ZIP! Special – Suda Cut

[0720] Arashi ni Shiyagare

[0720] Gekirea-san wo Tsuretekita (Due to the delayed broadcast, the last 9 minutes are missing & we could only find a LQ for it. Please get both links for the complete show.)

[0723] Kayou Surprise – Suda Cut

[0725] Sukkiri – Suda Cut

[0725] Baguette – Suda Cut

[0725] News Zero (It hanged for about 5 minutes from the 39-minute mark but we couldn’t find better quality ones.)

[0726] A-studio

[0727] Zoomin! Saturday – Suda Cut

[0727] Mezamashi – Suda Cut

[0727] Sekaiichi Uketai Jugyou

[0728] Shouten

[0729] Sekai Maru Mie! TV Tokushousabu

[0730] 『Archimedes no Taisen』 Digest – Suda x Tachi Hiroshi Talk

[0730] Honma Dekka!? TV

Last update: 11 Aug 2019

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