Yamada Suda had different preferences for noodles

山田「そうめん、蕎麦、冷やし中華」 菅田「…そうめん」 山田「…合わないな」 山田「冷やし中華の気分だった」  菅田「昨日食べた」 山田「あぁ」 #山田菅田 A post shared by 山田菅田 (@yamadasuda) on May 22, 2018 at 1:07am PDT Yamada 「Soumen, soba, hiyashi chuuka」 Suda 「…Soumen」 Yamada 「…Different」 Yamada 「Wanted have hiyashi chuuka」 Suda 「Ate yesterday」 Yamada 「Ah」 #Yamada […]

Tweet Posted on 22 May 2018 3:21am

遊びに全力でちょっとアレなパイセン松坂桃李a.k.aキング。ありがとうございました! #菅田将暉ANN Rare to see Senior* Matsuzaka Tori a.k.a. King going all out to have fun. Thank you very much! #Suda Masaki ANN *Translator’s note: Suda wrote it as ‘paisen’ instead of ‘senpai’.

BABA Arashi

Suda Masaki was one of the contestants for BABA Arashi (a card game similar to Old Maid) to promote 『Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun』 with Tsuchiya Tao. Looks like he had more screentime this time as his company grumbled that he won […]