43rd Japan Academy Film Prize

Nearly forgot about this. Suda Masaki was nominated for the Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role award for his role in 「Archimedes no Taisen」, thus he attended the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize ceremony. Matsuzaka Tori received the award for his role in 「Shimbun Kisha」 by the way. The hosts also took the opportunity to ask about their relationship as a senior and junior in the same company – clearly a cordial relationship =D They don’t even have each other’s mobile number. This is the full episode (YTV version) as we were lazy to edit it.
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2 thoughts on “43rd Japan Academy Film Prize

  1. This is the one where he said “Tobey Maguire” when the winner is announced, right? It made me laugh so much XDD Suda saikou~~

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