The 1st CDTV is where Suda Masaki talks about Yamazaki Kento during his interview, and performed Sayonara Elegy and 7.1oz. He talks about Yonezu Kenshi, performed Machigai Sagashi and reveals a fun fact about the trio with AIMYON and Ishizaki […]

Ishizaki Huwie’s tweet about ANN & 『Ito』

#菅田将暉ANN 遅くまでありがとうございました〜少し眠いです。笑 菅田くん小松菜奈さん主演映画『糸』に出演させて頂く事も発表となりました。お楽しみにです。 #Suda Masaki ANN thank you very much for accompanying me till late~I am a little sleepy. Laugh News about me being casted in 『Ito』movie led by Suda-kun and Komatsu Nana-san has been announced. Looking forward to it.