Fukuda Yuichi tweets about Saiki-wannabe Suda Masaki & Yamazaki Kento

「斉木楠雄のΨ難」公開まで、あと3日‼️「あゝ荒野 後編」公開まで、あと3日‼️21日は山﨑からの菅田か、菅田からの山﨑。このダブルヘッダー、行こうぜよ?つーのも「斉木」と「あゝ荒野」。同じ時期にご近所で撮影してて?勝手に思い入れがあるのです?で、菅田将暉、現場に遊びに来たの図?

3 more days to the release of 「Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan」!! 3 more days to the release of 「Aa Kouya sequel」!! On 21st, watch Suda after watching Yamazaki, watch Yamazaki after watching Suda. This doubleheader, let’s go with it ? Call it 「Saiki」 and 「Aa Kouya」. Both movies were filmed in the vicinity during the same period ? He added himself to the recollection on his own accord ? This is a picture of Suda Masaki who came to play at the filming location ?

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