Hirosaki Uran tweets about her little brother, Suda Masaki

『欲望という名の電車』稽古場で大竹しのぶさんの演技にのめり込み #ローゼンクランツとギルデンスターンは死んだ の舞台へ滑り込み!15の頃から知ってる弟のような #菅田将暉 の躍進する進化を目撃出来嬉しかった❗️本日よりO.Aの #精霊の守り人最終章 で2年間お世話になった #林遣都 君も面白っ!

So captivated by Otake Shinobu-san’s acting during the rehearsal for 『A Streetcar Named Desire』 that I barely made it to #Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead! Happy to witness the growth of #Suda Masaki, who is like a little brother to me since I’ve known him when he was 15❗️ #Hayashi Kento, who has taken care of me for the past 2 years, is funny in #Seirei no Moribito Final Chapter, which goes on air today!

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