Official Tweets on 『Oboreru Knife』 Special Screening Held on 3 Nov 2016

The special screening was held in Tokyo today ?✨
High school girls in their uniforms were gathered ❣️

And then a surprise entrance of Komatsu Nana-san and Suda Masaki-san ??
Everyone at the venue was shocked by their sudden appearance ?!!!

Both of them greeted the audience ❣️
Komatsu-san 「Thank you for wearing your uniforms on a school holiday to attend this event!」
Suda-san asked the audience 「How old are you?」 and the reply was 「15 years old!」 to which he responded 「Wa~ Almost 10 years apart…I’m an uncle.」 inducing laughter from everyone ?

Suda-san, who is the lead of a romance movie for the first time, commented 「I even practice how to kabedon* and agokui** (laughs) I think I have managed to deliver the love story in my own style」 About the role 「Director Yamato is someone who understands the feelings of girls today very well, I felt so personally from his guidance.」 ✨


Translator’s note:
*kabedon = when someone leans over another person who is against the wall, and hits the wall. It is a romantic gesture, albeit domineering. **agokui = when someone gently lifts another person’s chin. It is an affectionate gesture.

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