Time to save up for Suda Masaki’s 2018 calendar!

Yesterday was the photoshoot for the 2018 calendar.

『First time making such leases!』
Cried Stylist-san with a bitter smile,
In a studio filled with mysterious items.

One shot after another,
Suda who showed his perseverance.

A rather surreal photoshoot.
However it seemed like the senses were getting numb over time,
Gradually feeling no abnormality
And no longer surprised with little effort.

Whether Suda transformed seven or twelve times,
His varied poses were charming.

This is still an unfinished product.
Already creating so many mysteries (laughs) Today it seems like
Suda is suffering from muscle aches. Just what sort of photoshoot took place? Details are still being revised. Please look forward to it.

Note: Not publicising on Twitter and not sharing the Japanese version to be somewhat fair to those who subscribed to the paid membership.

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