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A few years ago, I was talking to Huwie-kun who was playing 「Clover」.
I remembered that I was touched by the world that it portrays, it is what I am, what I want to be.

After that, while finding out more about the four-leaf clover, I realised that it can thrive in an environment where there is no sun or often stepped on.
I find it miraclous how it makes up for the deficits.

Together with friends who have the same philosophical concept, I treasure the days where we make up for one another’s shortcomings. Or more like it is everything to me.
We started working together to pen down such days where no one knows and leave a legacy.

Planned to make a 5-minute or so production but somehow it turned out to be close to 50 minutes, please take a look at it.

Suda Masaki

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