Tweet Posted on 29 Aug 2020 6:14pm


Today marks the end of 「Ito」 movie promotions. The road from its completion to the release, even though there were several detours, I can only be thankful for making it to today. May this arrangement/happiness* shape a wondrous future. #Ito

Translator’s note: He might have written the wrong kanji as his original kanji is ‘arrangement’, which has the same pronunciation as ‘happiness’ that fits better with this sentence.

One thought on “Tweet Posted on 29 Aug 2020 6:14pm

  1. wait, that kanji means arrangement? i thought it’s just another way to spell happiness 😂
    i think it’s wordplay because in the song ito, the word shiawase is spelled that way… and this is one of the reason why i both love and hate Japanese: the homophones are both beautiful and annoying… 🙂

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