Tweet Posted on 4 Aug 2020 3.24am

ありがとう!米津玄師! #デカレモン兄ちゃん #菅田将暉ANN

Thank you! Yonezu Kenshi! #BigLemonOlderBrother* #SudaMasakiANN

*Translator’s note: Literal translation. Suda used this term as ‘Lemon’ is Yonezu’s best hit song i.e. ‘big’ and he is older than Suda (or so we think as we have yet to listen to the radio show).

4 thoughts on “Tweet Posted on 4 Aug 2020 3.24am

  1. the big lemon thingy came from the previous visit. one of the listener made that nickname and it stuck 😂😂
    if I’m not wrong the word big came from his literal size 😂

    1. Thanks for sharing this! And here I was trying to be nice that it wasn’t about his size haha. It’s a cute nickname though.

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